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It has come to our attention that there are Multiple Impostors claiming to have a New & Improved Formula of Trans-D Tropin®.

This is Categorically FALSE INFORMATION. Trans-D Tropin is no longer available (for the details of why click here). The discussion on any potential solutions to the problems that TransD solved, if available, would ONLY be discussed at

The only information Endorsed by Dr. Buttar would have been made available exclusively on

Don`t spend another day as a VICTIM OF THE AGING PROCESS...
» The ONLY way to boost Growth Hormone
while reducing IGF-1
» Proven in multiple double-blind,
placebo-controlled studies
» Used by NFL teams, Nascar champions,
Emmy-winning actors and more
» Over 25 million doses safely dispensed
around the world
» Naturally formulated for 10 years using 100%
unique, proprietary methods
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Why use Trans-D Tropin?
Trans-D Tropin® is the only treatment shown to increase endogenous Human Growth Hormone (hGH your own body creates), while consistently decreasing IGF levels.

IGF s are related to increased cellular proliferation, suppression of apoptosis and increased cancer risk. -Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol 92, No. 18, Sept. 20, 2000 + Learn more

Kent Johnson Strength & Conditioning Coach
Seattle Seahawks
After using Trans-D Tropin for three weeks:
"Trans D-Tropin® is a superior product (last year he used an oral secretagogue). Noticed some immediate increase in strength, shortened exercise recovery time and greater body definition (fat to muscle conversion)." Update: "I really like this product. I have spoken to a couple of coaches on behalf of its validity."
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John Gamble Strength & Conditioning Coach
Miami Dolphins
After using the product for four days:
"This product is FANTASTIC! Noticed an immediate and considerable increase in strength, performance firming of muscles. Faster recovery from exertion and a possible easing of long-term shoulder chronic pain from years of heavy lifting. Possibly some improvement in sleep patterns."
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Dr. Buttar Explains Trans-D Tropin®